Our Lasers

 Twin Tiers Laser & BOTOX Center UTILIZES five UNIQUE lasers:

Fractional CO2

The Bella Donna CO2 Fractional Laser is an innovative laser with true versatility in the world of aesthetic medicine.  The core of the CO2 Fractional Laser aims to rejuvenate and improve the overall texture of patients’ skin.  The delivery of the CO2 Fractional ensures minimal down time for the patient, and more importantly little discomfort.

Bella Donna CO2 Fractional Laser


Candela’s GentleLASE system provides permanent hair reduction for all skin types.It can also treat pigmented lesions including sun spots and age spots, freckles, café-au-lait and melasma; vascular lesions such as leg veins and blue facial veins, hemangiomas and port wine stains with nodules.

Candela GentleLASE


The new GentleYAG is FDA cleared to treat all skin types and offers unmatched Nd:YAG treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction. In addition, the GentleYAG can treat pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), vascular lesions such as leg veins, hemangiomas and port wine stains, telangiectasia and wrinkles. Deep penetration with minimal scattering of laser energy makes GentleYAG ideal for all skin types, especially dark and tanned skin.



The FDA cleared Smoothbeam Laser safely renews the skin and rebuilds collagen. Revitalize your skin’s youthful appearance! Smooth away periorbital wrinkles and acne scars with the Smoothbeam laser with no downtime and minimal pain. The Smoothbeam treatments are frequently referred to as “the lunch time facelift”. The Smoothbeam laser is the only laser clinically proven to target the root of the causes of acne, as well as to treat active acne and acne scarring. Clear skin is right around the corner!

Smoothbeam Laser

ConBio MedLite C6

The versatile MedLite C6 Nd: YAG lasers can reliably remove dark ink and red tattoos, as well as the increasingly common green and sky blue inks.  Each color can pose challenges during laser tattoo removal if the correct wavelength is not available.  Fortunately, the MedLite C6 laser offers the correct wavelengths for full-color spectrum tattoo removal.

MedLite C6